Coconut Aminos

A blend of coconut vinegar, coconut syrup, sea salt, and selected spices will make you wonder what you have been missing in your recipe for years. This tropical umami is surely a cupboard staple.

Coconut Aminos

What is it made of?

Organic Coconut Sugar, spice and everything nice

Donnabelle Turmeric Tea

Is it safe?

What benefits does this have?

Fancy a spot of tea!


a fusion that makes a difference

A non-SOYA alternative seasoning that can be used in almost all parts of your meals and it rhymes freely with any dish - whether it's a heavy meal or some dip for your snacks, can be used as marinade or simple toppings, but most importantly, this can be the best alternative for your MSG as it kicks an umami taste.

YES! It has been certified organic by EcoCert SA France and has been the second largest export product of the company since its perfection.

Contains NO CANE SUGAR, NO GMO and NO MSG aside from being SOYA-free.

Savour the delightful goodness of the perfect fusion of organic Coconut Syrup, Coconut Vinegar, Salt and organic Spices to wake up your 5th “umami” taste!