Donnabelle Products

We are known in the Philippines by our tradename Donnabelle, which is a portmanteau of the two daughters of the Founder Benjamin R. Lao - Donna Rosemalyn and Belle Jeanine

Export Market

Not just available for the local market to indulge, but in many parts of the world as well

Coconut Syrup

Coconut Syrup

Sending sweetness to the world

The world needs the sweetness of coconut syrup. This alternative sweetener is the perfect addition to pancakes, cakes, desserts and even as marinades to savory dishes.

Coconut Aminos Seasoning

Coconut Aminos Seasoning

Tropical kick to savory recipes

A blend of coconut vinegar, coconut syrup, sea salt, and selected spices will make you wonder what you have been missing in your recipe for years. This tropical umami is surely a cupboard staple.

Local Market

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

Guilt-free Sweetener

Produced into perfection using 100% Organic Coconut Sap, tapped by the local coconut farmers of the province of Davao del Sur.

Sukang Pinasarap

Sukang Pinasarap

Natural Vinegar

Discover the fusion of coconut sap vinegar, coconut blossom syrup, salt, and selected spices, on your favorite dish.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea

Our Local Best-Seller

Turmeric Tea is our bestseller. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and is an antioxidant. We add coconut sugar to our turmeric tea. The sugar enables the nutrients in turmeric to be retained easily by the body.

Hot Chocolate


Start your day with our hot chocolate. It will awaken your senses and make you happier.  



When you combine turmeric and chocolate, there is a healthy explosion of goodness. It will keep your energy levels high.  

Moringa Tea


Packed with vitamins and minerals, this tea will surely perk your day up and ready you to your busy day. 

Why Choose Us?

    Imagine how it feels like being in your grandfather’s farm, roaming around, as grandmother painstakingly picking the ingredients right in the farm and putting them in your favorite dish. It is just how we do it here: we welcome you in our little farm, tour you around and serve you your old-time favorite meals, farm-fresh produced, with some twist. When you are here, we make you feel you are right at your farm.