Book A Tour with LIFI

Our place is open for a journey. Please don't hesitate to come and give us the once in a lifetime opportunity with you - be a guest in our humble home.

Tour Information

All your infomation are kept strictly confidential. The information asked are demographics of people to help us better understand how to serve them well. We will never and not contact you for any adverts and/or promos regarding our products and/or services. Please read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

Transportation and Fees

The Tour around LIFI is absolutely FREE. No one from Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. will contact you and ask for payment/s, such as entrance or service fees, for the tour. However, payments and/or fees prior to the tour, such as transportation (gasoline, fare, etc.), accomodation, and/or food, is not covered by this. Also, we are not providing these amenities for the tour.


Visiting our place is subject for documentation, and we will take pictures of you and your group, team, etc. which could be subject for uploads into our social media platforms and this website. Any photos taken inside the farm whilst on the tour by our representatives shall be a subject on this agreement. Meanwhile, all the photos taken by you and your team are subject to our policy.

Assistance and Safety

Please be guided according to our policies whilst on tour. Your safety is our priority, but subjected to you discretion. You will be guided by at least one of our workers and/or representatives. Do not stay behind or go ahead with the group whilst the tour is on-going. Please do not bring expensive and/or items with value to you, as it is not our liability should any of it has been lost or taken.

Things you need to know

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