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Project Initiatives

Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. is not just adamant in building a strong economy and healthy lifestyle in the Philippines, we are also dedicated and sworn to improve the lives of the locals in our community...

ALEMA Water System Project 1
ALEMA Water System Project 2

ALEMA Water System

Through the initiative of Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.’s CEO, the company was able to give potable water access to three (3) villages in the municipality of Bansalan.

ALEMA Water System by Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. 

Thus, the establishment of Alegre-Eman-Marber water system which started in 2010, serving around 75 households to date and will be opening to serve some more families. The water system also paved the way to help some locals have another source of income as they work for ALEMA.

Eman Handweavers’ Association (EHA) by Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.

Eman Handweavers’ Association

Respecting the Bagobo tribe, a group of Indigenous People, who are locals of the village where Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. is located, the company took a step to help these Indigenous People have a stable source of income in the future to take them out of poverty.

Eman Handweavers’ Association (EHA) in LIFI Compound, Bgy. Eman, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

The Association has been established under the Department of Labor and Employment. It functions interdependently with the company until they become solely independent. EHA is located within the compound of the company and now selling various handmade products such as Inabel and some souvenirs for the company’s visitors. Some of the members have been trained about doing business and have been exposed in the textile industry through the help of the Philippine Textile Research Institute and the Department of Science and Technology Province of Davao del Sur, Philippines.

Road Access by Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.

Opening of road and access to electricity for the Indigent People

Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. values its community. To give quicker and easier access to the school, barangay, and town proper, in 2017, LIFI opened their pathways.

Opening of Road for the IP community

Back then, the resident, who are mostly Indigenous People, can only use a horse as a mode of fast and easy transportation. Also, since they did not have electricity, LIFI, with the initiative of its President/CEO, assisted the community to have its access.

Teaching Agriculture by Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.

Teaching Organic Agriculture to farming enthusiasts

Since 2009, Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. has been a ready go-to for farm enthusiasts who want to learn Organic Agriculture. An average of 1,000 visitors who are mostly farmers, some are from Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, a number are students, and entrepreneurs - go to the farm to learn and experience organic agriculture. Not only Filipino farmers visit the farm but also foreigners who are eager to learn our best practices in organic farming.

The Department of Agriculture – Organic Agriculture assisted LIFI in enhancing its organic demonstration farm.

Now, the Agricultural Training Institute certified the company as a School for Practical Agriculture. It has its regular partner institutions, bringing farmers from all over Mindanao towards organic agriculture farming.

Land Preparation for the beneficiaries

Working with GIZ German Cooperation, DSWD, with some of the 4Ps beneficiaries of Bansalan to have their farms certified Organic through OCCP 

It was in the year 2012 when LIFI partnered with the Department of Social Welfare and Development to help the 4Ps/CCT beneficiaries of the Municipality of Bansalan learn to do backyard organic vegetable production.

Workshop with 4Ps beneficiaries

Helping the 4Ps beneficiaries have source of income through market access

Since 2017, LIFI has been active in procuring the farm produce of its partner 4Ps/CCT beneficiaries. The company markets the product locally and uses their produce in the food catering needs.

Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. Feeding Program One

Feeding Programs 

Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. values healthy living thus it partners with various Elementary Schools in the government’s feeding program to help young children who are undernourished by giving away coconut sugar and farm fresh goat’s milk.

Eduardo Gualiza of Lower Bala, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.
Meet Mamerte Baylosis, Jr. of San Isidro, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.

Believing in the right of children to education

Alongside advocating organic farming and healthy living, Lao Integrated Farms, Inc., is particular in the Right to Education of children. The company recognizes the efforts of coconut sap collectors to send their children to school until college. Thus, the company is giving a cash gift to the collectors who can have their children graduate from college.

Meet Eduardo Gualiza of Lower Bala, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.

Eduardo Gualiza (top picture, centre) has three children. Two of the older sons are also coconut sap harvesters while they support the youngest daughter, Edelyn in her studies. She took up Bachelor of Science in Education Major in Elementary Education in the University of Southern Philippines in Davao City. The family pooled their funds to provide Edelyn everything that she needed while studying. Last April 2018, she graduated from the university. Mr. Eduardo said, had it not because of supplying coconut sap in the company, his daughter won’t be able to finish college. He stressed how the company helped the whole family in reaching their simple dream of having a family member finish college.

Meet Mamerte Baylosis, Jr. of San Isidro, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.

Mamerte Jr. Baylosis (bottom picture, third from right).His only business is Coconut Sap Collection for Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. His wife is helping him manage the business by cleaning his containers. They have been in the business for nine years. Their pride and joy in life were providing quality and best education to their two (2) children since the elementary years until college. His daughter, Mariel Joy B. Baylosis, finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management at the University of Mindanao as Cum Laude in 2017. She was also a recipient of Service Award.