Corporate Social Responsibility


    Imprinted in the philosophy of LIFI is its particular attention to the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit to ensure sustainability. LIFI's bottom-up strategy in doing business morally and financially helps its farmers and its employees who belong to the marginalized sector of the society. This in turn promotes inclusive growth. Utilizing an Inclusive Business model, LIFI guarantees to employ the highest standards in its processing, producing high-quality coconut sap-based products.


By way of offering healthy products to our consumers and employees;

Various feeding programs in cooperation with different local government schools; and, membership to Philippine Business for Social Progress; responding to the needs of the local community such as access to potable water

No child labour is involved in all production phases


By way of utilizing and teaching all stakeholders and Filipino farmers natural and organic farming methods

Careful sourcing of organic raw materials.


Careful planning of business for sustainability; and, Income generation even from waste materials (vermicomposting, etc). 
A promise of income and employment generation for LIFI’s local citizens; and, regularization of employees.