Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.

Advocate of Organic Farming and Healthy Living
Philippines' Leading Exporter of 100% Organic and 100% Natural Coconut Syrup
Manufacturer of Donnabelle Organic Products


Your Trust Keeps Us Going

We make it a habit to make our ends-meet in the best way we could. You can assure that Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. will cater whatever you need, whenever you need, whomever needs it.


Your Relentless Support Keeps Us Up

We are known to be a strong advocate for organic farming and healthy living. We only make it strengthen over time and not just from the beginning. This is where our story started and this is where it will leave its legacy.


If it's not better, then it's not good enough

101% true to our commitment, you can rely on us. Our products are all organic and/or natural. There is nothing more we could do but to make it better and better for you. Don't Panic, It's Organic!