Corporate Social Responsibility

Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. is responsible for social and economic growth, not only for the company but also for the people in and around it.



Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. (LIFI) is a family social enterprise advocating organic farming methods. Imprinted in its philosophy is its particular attention to the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit to ensure sustainability. LIFI's bottom-up strategy in doing business morally and financially helps its farmers and its employees who belong to the marginalized sector of the society, and thus, promotes inclusive growth. Utilizing an Inclusive Business model, LIFI guarantees to employ the high processing standards, producing high-quality agricultural and coconut sap-based products.


Respecting Human Rights
LIFI understands that the employees are its most important assets. Therefore, they are valued and respected.
  • To ensure strong employee-employer relationship, LIFI ensures its employees understand their value in the company in the achievement of its vision.

    To better understand their value, the management and employees engage in periodic dialogue in the form of general assembly, to involve them in decision-making, and to discuss their work and their welfare openly.
  • LIFI understands the value of having an association for its employees to help better them reach out to the management to conduct collective bargaining or to assist them in tmes of workplace difficulties. This, every employee is free to be associated with a labour union.
  • The company is sensitive to cultural diversity and this, takes efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace by hiring Indigenous People and considers them to fill higher ranks in the company. Also, the companyu hires those with diverse religion and is sensitive to gender equality.
  • No forced labour is tolerated in LIFI. The company ascertains that all employees, and suppliers, and their farmers are free from being harassed to work.

Labour Practices
LIFI guarantees fair labour practices.
  • All LIFI employees are trained periodically ro help them better carry out their tasks. They are encouraged to join seminars, workshops, and training conducted within or outside the company's premises.
  • LIFI employees are provided with the safe work environment, given protective work clothing, and other equipment to protect them while working and to assist them towards work efficiency.
  • When employed in the company, employees are given goverment-mandated and company-initiated benefits on compensations.

Impact on Local Communities
Striving to be a responsible corporate citizen, LIFI is active in contributing to the development of its local communities and the community of the Indigenous People (Bagobo Tribe).
  • LIFI assists in accessing safe and potable drinking water to three (3) villages, and covering more than (70) households.
  • The company supports the Bagobo Tribe who has a dense population in the community by establishing the Bagobo Village and organizing them, having them train in hand weaving and other handicraft production for them to have a stable source of income.
  • LIFI partners with some government elementary schools in their Feeding Program projects and activities.
  • To have easier access to the town centre and schools of their children, LIFI helps in opening the area of some of the Indigent People (Bagobo Tribe) in the local community and assists them to have access to eletricity.

Customer Interest
LIFI puts the most significant value to its consumers. Thus, it assures to produce the highest quality of products and best customer service.
  • In doing business, LIFI considers its consumers' welfare. THis, the company is careful in utilising Good Manufacturing Practices, employing Food Safety Policy in its production.

    LIFI has various certification to verify that the company produces high-quality products that are safe to consumers. Products are HACCP certified, EOS and USDA Organic certified, Naturland International, Star K Kosher certified, and certified by the Food and Drug Administration Philippines.
  • LIFI seeks to provide optimum customer satisfaction. Thus, its employees and management are committed to assiting its clients and consumers with whatever help and inquiries they might have regarding the company's products and services.
  • The management and concerned employees are commited to safeguarding the safety of its clients. Thus, all information regarding the company's clients are kept confidential.


The Environment
While LIFI primarily manufactures organic products, its farm is also known to actively participate in promoting sustainable organic farming practices in the Philippines to reduce the environmental impact of using chemical inputs, and thus, to increase the company's contribution to a healthy biodiversity.
  • The company teaches sustainable organic farming practices not only to Filipino, but foreign farmers alike. It is active in parnering with various agencies to be able to teach such farming practices to help achieve a favourable ecosystem.
  • LIFI is also active in managing farm and production wastes. The company utilises farm wastes to be used as organic inputs such as pesticides, insecticides, and fertilisers.
  • LIFI ensures to help manage climate change, not only by using organic farming systems, but also by waste reduction and management.

    As a means to minimise soil erosion, LIFI adheres in practising the principle of Upland Micro-Catchment Technology (UMT).

    Apart form using wastes in farm inputs, LIFI utilises rain, and has a rainwater catchment facility to minimise the use of potable water to water the plants.
  • With its commitment to organic farming systems, LIFI and its produced have been certified organic locally through OCCP and internationally by Ecocert SA.


Supply Chain Responsibility
LIFI is actively promoting its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to its supply chain.
  • During the General Assembly with the suppliers, LIFI ensures to report the CSR activities of the company.

    This is to inform the suppliers what LIFI is promoting as a responsible corporate citizen. Also, the information drive suppliers to better understand the LIFI corporate values.
  • To ensure that raw materials are traceable, so to protect protect customer, LIFI has set an Internal Systems and Food Safety Teams to ensure that all raw materias that enter the production facility come from safe and ethical sources.

    Periodic Inspection is being implemented in the farm and contracted farms to ensure that all raw materials are safe and only from the company's certified sources.

    LIFI communicates its Code of Conduct and makes sure the suppliers, their employees, or farmers understand such set of values to have a strong business-partnership with LIFI.

Fair Operating Practises
LIFI ascertains that is doing fairly it as values the people across its supply chain. The company adheres to engage in business with integrity, to eliminate corruption, and do respect the rights of others.
  • To ensure business integrity, LIFI discourages its management, employees, and suppliers to engage in any forms of bribery and corruption involving private, non-government or government representatives or institutions.

    LIFI ascertains that its management, employees, and suppliers understand that they must not accept any form of kickback such as commissions or gifts in any business transactions involving the company for their gains; that they are prohibited from negotiating privately with any institution to gain for themselves.



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