Vermicast Production 

LIFI administers meticulous and conscientious methods in making the farmland fertile. It uses animals’ waste and African nightcrawler worms. The waste becomes known as vermicompost – a natural fertilizer – and it goes back to the land. This organic fertilizer showers LIFI with high-quality harvest.

Concoctions and Extracts - Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.

Lao Integrated Farms, Inc.'s Natural Pesticides and Fertilizers

Concoction and Extracts

LIFI’s staunch advocacy in organic farming is being applied in its demonstration farm – from Organic Concoctions and Extracts Production to Native Chicken Production to Fruit and Vegetable Production and then to Milk Production, among many others. LIFI strives to utilize and maximize all farm inputs in order to achieve sustainability.

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HACCP Certified
USDA Organic
Naturland Certified
Ecocert Certified
iFOAM Organics

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